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Passionate about helping you bloom.

I have a passion for helping you open and flourish in your being. I believe in the power of preventative medicine and aging gracefully through living a wholistic lifestyle. When you treat your body well and with respect it rewards you a thousand-fold!

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What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga with Eva is a perfect blend of rejuvenating face exercises combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. Together, we encourage your inner being to age gracefully and look younger naturally — without injections, fillers or surgery.

What exactly is Face Yoga? Face Yoga is a combination of stretching and breathing exercises to strengthen and relax your face and neck muscles to keep your face in shape. It’s similar to a gym workout to tone, sculpt and relax your body.

Face Yoga prevents the effects of gravity on the face and can reverse years of ingrained facial expressions. We slow down poses with our breathing to cultivate awareness in your mind, body, and spirit.

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What do my clients say?

I went to Eva due to my digestive issues and trouble with cramps and stomach aches. I have dealt with Irritable Bowel Syndrome since I was a kid but never did much to treat it. I was always told that acupuncture would help my digestive issues and decided to get help from Eva. As a slight needle-phobic, I was definitely nervous to how I would react. Eva made the entire experience pain-free and worry-free. In fact, it was positively relaxing. Eva is very thorough and makes the experience very personalized. I loved that she asked me such detailed questions before the session to make sure she could target problem areas effectively. The week following my acupuncture session with Eva changed my IBS symptoms dramatically. I had much less cramping and pain than I have ever dealt with. It was a 5-star experience for me and it made me consider doing acupuncture once a month to keep up maintenance on my digestive system. But only from Eva!

Fabi Munoz

Since my wife’s been going to acupuncture, with Eva Lu, I have noticed that the skin on my wife’s face looks fresher and smoother and more healthier looking. And wrinkle and laugh lines some have disappeared and others have diminished significantly. She looks a lot younger. Thank you Eva.

Tom Groenendal

I moved to San Diego last year looking for a new acupuncturist and found Eva after a lot of research. Needless to say I’ve been really pleased with the treatments and knowledge of Eva. I’ve enjoyed seeing Eva each time because I know she’ll take care of any pain I have at the time. She has a very calming and professional approach each time I’ve gone for help. I would highly recommend going to see her especially if you have back issues like myself and want a very friendly acupuncturist. The Acupunture studio is also very clean and a relaxing place to go. I’ve had nothing but a positive experience here and to plan to return more in the future.

Mattson Culbert

Eva has a very gentle and calming approach about her. Her patience carries over into her treatment, never rushed and I always feel like I am the center when there. For the first time in 10 years I do not have back pain. Thank you Eva… You have changed my life..!!

Robert Grasso

Eva is just a wonderful person and a very healing acupuncturist. She has helped me in *so* many ways other than treating me for my accident injuries. If you want a healing for *anything* in your life then make an appointment with Eva!! One of the best choices I have made for healing in my life. Oh, one other thing she has the kindest smile and the most calming energy and she really listens and hears what you are saying. She is the best in my opinion!!! Give her a try!!

Tammy Stevens

I recently got rid of my glasses, and I really noticed my lines, especially the hard “11” in between my eyebrows. I wanted a way to soften them. I contacted Eva to try face yoga, because it’s a natural way to help my skin and muscles relax. Working with Eva is fun! She listened to my concerns and customized the exercises based on what I need. I notice facial expressions more and that makes avoiding the movements that create wrinkles easier. My face feels more alive, my lines are softer, and my skin feels softer and looks more vibrant, too, which was an unexpected bonus. The exercises are easy. I really like doing them with Eva over Zoom. Eva models the exercises, then talks me through them as I try. I can see my face as I am learning them, so I know what to look for and how it feels. She also sends the written instructions and videos the sessions, so I have several ways to review if I forget the lesson. I can see the difference in just a few weeks. I highly recommend working with Eva; you will love the results!

Lisa Grant
Eva is a great practitioner! She is very knowledgeable & has great energy. Every time I leave her office I am energized & happy! I am an acupuncturist myself so I am very picky on who I see. Highly recommend her for anything that ails you. Her needling is pain free & very relaxing.
Jared Lien

Eva is a competent, professional, and pleasant practitioner who taught me face yoga. She tailored her instruction to my needs, and she monitored my improvement. I hope that she can help me again if I need further assistance.

Had a wonderful treatment with Eva! I was really nervous and she helped ease my nerves and was very gentle. Loved the added treatments of cupping and herbs. Will definitely come back!!
Frenny Palyniak
Came in to San Diego for a wedding and stopped to see my friend, Eva. She was so informational about the session, asked lots of questions to inquire on my needs, and was so kind. Before the session my eyes were feeling tired and sad along with some build up. I had been having trouble sleeping, as well. Eva taught me some breathing exercises as she worked and I soon fell into a relaxing nap. I woke up refreshed and light. My eyes felt more open and relaxed. Thank you for your amazing work!!
Mia Mirro
Eva is wonderful at what she does. I started seeing Eva for some repeated neck and shoulder issues I was having. She not only treated the pain, she educated me on lifestyle changes and home remedies to break the cycle and keep the pain from returning. I’ve seen several acupuncturists in the past and without a doubt I receive the best, and most consistent, results with Eva. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable acupuncturist, or those new to the field looking to explore the benefits Acupuncture can bring.
Christine Rankin La Bounty
Facial acupuncture! Beat aging with this age old medicine. I saw improvement after one treatment AND I feel good. Thanks Eva!
Jessica Lien
Thank you Eva! Since I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from you regularly and consistently, I have been able to lower stress and lower my body weight! My blood pressure is also down! Thank you! Your services are a total game changer for me!
Adam Goodson
I have been seeing Eva for over 2 years for facial acupuncture. I have seen a great change in my skin! This treatment also helps me i n my job. I am very active with my job and these treatments keep my body healthy and able to move freely. She has helped me with all areas of my life! She gives such wonderful and helpful tips on diet specifically for me. Foods that work for my body type. I feel healthy and mentally healthy. I own a business and she has given me tips on how to deal with stress. I have taken her facial yoga class and I highly recommend it! I even brought my daughters with me to class. It is a fun ladies treat! Eva is wonderful! I have such confidence in her!! I have learned so much from her! I just can’t say enough about the help she has done for my body and mental health! Thanks Eva!!!
Linda Groenendal
OMG, I think every woman should have this experience!! What a relaxing, rejuvenating thing to do. I felt totally pampered in Eva’s hands, and the extreme knowledge and skill with which she placed the needles produced immediate results toward my health! I just started on her facial program, and within one treatment, my skin looked toned and lifted, really “refreshed”. She did the facial cupping which was relaxing and very calming. She is also helping me with night sweats and some digestive issues through acupuncture. Eva is the best… You MUST go and be healed by her.
Karen Floyd
Eva is amazing!!! This was my first time getting acupuncture didn’t really know a whole lot about it or how it could help my scoliosis but honestly it did. The hump has dramatically gone down and I don’t have that chronic soreness that I’ve had my whole life. This was only four treatments so take it from a newbie who is now a believer in acupuncture, this really works!!!
Megan Webster
I was dealing with very painful tennis elbow on both arms for over a year. I tried everything short of surgery or injections. I used all the rollers, the tennis elbow straps, home exercise programs, and physical therapy. Nothing worked and if it did, it was just temporary. I didn’t want to do surgery or injections so I tried acupuncture with Eva. She did an amazing job. After her treatments, my arms felt amazing. The pain is now gone. I would highly recommend acupuncture with Eva. Thanks Eva!
Roeuth Sam
I went to see Eva after I had a vasectomy. My objective was to make sure my healing was going as planned and to alleviate any discomfort. So happy I went! I felt immediate relief the days following and would definitely recommend her services to those who may not think outside the ordinary box. Thanks Eva
Sidney Loiseau
I have trusted Eva with my health & well-being for several years. She is an amazing, knowledgeable & intuitive healer. I always leave her office feeling refreshed & rejuvenated. She is a prime member of my preventative wellness team!
Kathy Sparrow
Eva is amazing at getting me out of pain and boosting up my energy. I have seen her for numerous sports injuries and she has me leaving pain free every time!
Jared Lien
I have truly found refuge with Eva and acupuncture has made a significant impact in my life. Her soothing voice, personality, knowledge and skills has truly helped me with my pain in my carpal tunnel, lower back and TMJ issues. To have a trusted colleague in medicine and be part of my health team has enriched my life in so many ways. I find myself incorporating her personalized exercises and diet regimens to help prevent injuries. I am happy to say that I do acupuncture. I have tried acupuncture before but there is truly something special about Eva. She is the living embodiment of healthy living with her natural glow, positive energy and smile that immediately puts me at ease. You start to be inspired to develop a healthier version of yourself and her compassion and willingness to get you out of pain is evident in every session. I have truly found a gem in Eva and my home for healthy and preventative care.
Marichris Sapinoso
This is 40. No work done, no chemicals, no injections. Natural, holistic, and clean all the way baby. I’ve been super self conscience about my skin lately. Something I’ve never really dealt with before. I’ve never had to deal with teenage breakouts or acne. I’ve been very blessed with good skin. But since turning 40, I’m seeing lines that weren’t there before, blemishes I’ve never had, and sneaky little sun spots that seem to get darker and bigger every year. ENTER: Facial Rejuvenation aka Facial Acupuncture. You guys I’m OBSESSED! IT smooths out fine lines, clears up blemishes ASAP, fades sun spots, increases blood circulation, improves muscle tone, assist with Lymphatic drainage and more! Follow it up with a LED light therapy session and you will NEVER think twice about just maybe getting Botox again.
Heather Parkin
La Floraison Wellness | Eva Lu

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