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Yin & Pin

Yin & Acupuncture Workshop Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you feel anxious? Join us for a special workshop designed to relieve stress in the body and calm the mind. Frenny and Eva team up to deliver a 90 minute class combining the therapeutic at Modo Yoga...

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Your Guide to an All Natural Face Lift

Aging is a part of growing older – no products or treatments with a promise of “anti-aging” will prevent the formation of wrinkles or fine lines. Sure… surgical face lifts and Botox are always an option, but going under-the-knife and getting fillers is expensive AND invasive. These procedures aren’t the only way to achieve a young complexion – we’re talking how to achieve a face lift effect NATURALLY! Really – it’s possible!

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Autumn Equinox

In TCM, the lungs, aka “the lung organ”, function in breathing and diffusion of qi and fluids throughout the body. The diffusion of qi and fluids ensures that there will be enough moisture in the skin, body hair, and respiratory tract. The lung is yin-yang paired with the large intestine organ. As such, bowel issues can develop if there is dysfunction in either of the two organs. Disease occurs when the lung qi and fluids do not circulate properly throughout the body, showing up as congestion, dry hair and skin, coughing, sneezing, constipation - just to name a few manifestations.

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