Brain fog, anxious, depressed, overthinking, tired, unable to clear your mind, with gas and bloating? These are signs that maybe your digestion could use a little help.

Digestion is the Earth element in Chinese Medicine.

The earth transforms and transports matter into rich nourishment for things to grow, just like it takes energy to make energy. If gas and bloating are a problem after eating, this is the first sign that it is taking too much energy to breakdown and metabolize your food. You could be prone to food sensitivity, eating too quickly, while distracted or under stress.

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If you are in a calm and relaxing environment for taking meals. If your digestive system is tired or weak, this can cause an immune response that can show up as food sensitivity. In a perfect world, the digestive system would be able to digest and nourish our bodies and minds efficiently all the time.

The reality…

Is that our entire mind, body, and spirit being is being challenged by our environment, thoughts and emotions. This is one of the beautiful challenges of learning to live a purposeful life.

Brain fog, anxiety, depression, inability to focus or concentrate stem from an inefficient digestive system. It takes brain power to think and feel and if you’re spending a lot of energy doing that all the time.

It takes quality time to digest food.

This begins a vicious cycle of what comes first. If the root of the problem begins in the digestive system, the branch manifestation are the symptoms that arise mentality or physically. Therefore, let’s start with the root.

Remember, it takes energy to make energy.

There are ways to support your digestive system. One way to RESET your digestive system is to try intermittent fasting. This will give your body a break from digesting throughout the entire day. It allows your body to rest and regenerate after spending energy on the doing and digesting.

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Nourish yourself within an 8 hour period from 11 am to 7 pm. Then your intermittent fast would last 16 hours.

A 16 hour fast…

This is PLENTY of time for your digestive organs to breakdown down the foods you have consumed during the 8 hours and enough time for these organs to recover.

*Not recommended for those who tend toward hypoglycemia or pregnancy. Consult your physician if you have a pre-existing condition.

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