My mother spoke of the healing benefits of Chinese herbal and food remedies, as she prepared these, and its powerful care over the human body. My mother learned the herbal remedies from our Chinese ancestors, and she passed that knowledge to me, inspiring my pursuit into the field. Since my childhood’s kitchen table, I’ve helped hundreds of people blossom – a word with significant meaning to me.

The mission of helping people blossom like a flower is the reason why I chose the name La Floraison Wellness. La Floraison is the French word for blossoming. It describes the nurturing and opening of the entire person to gain personal wellness every day.

La Floraison Wellness is an evolution of my experiences regarding self-care. These have been inspired by my own story of overcoming emotional distress and sleepless nights to working through my low self-esteem due to chronic eczema and the debilitating effects of living with an autoimmune disease. With the influence of my family and the journey through my soul’s mission, I’ve learned and now teach others through their journey to awaken the healing power of illness.

It’s my passion to give every client the wholistic experience of feeling their best selves.

La Floraison Wellness is not just about the aesthetics of the body — it’s about bringing wholeness to each individual. I believe the body, mind, and spirit are all meant to transform and open up like a flower so that you can show the world your radiance and perfection. And it serves as a testament that one can evolve and flourish like a lotus flower that is born out of the mud.

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