The WOW!

One of the first poses I learned. And ONE OF MY FAVORITES!

You can do this anywhere and it releases the stress and tension from your face after a long day, while stretching and waking up the face muscles. And it’s fun to do! Seriously, how can you be serious if you’re trying to be serious doing this with a straight face?

Exaggerate your mouth as you do this, 5 times. You’ll feel muscles start to light up!

This is great for also relaxing tight jaws. Yes, this is for you teeth grinders and TMJ and tension headache prone people!

If your forehead starts to wrinkle while doing this pose, stop and regroup. You can relax your forehead by looking in the mirror and massaging the forehead by making fists and running them from the center of the forehead outward toward the corners of your eyes.

Tried it and liked it? Let me know below!