R + R Face Yoga

Looking to feel vibrant, fresh, and relaxed?

Join the R + R Face Yoga Community Class
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4 weeks to a ReNewed You!

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Aging can be fun, natural, and empowering!

Face Yoga is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for fun, simple ways to sculpt and bring symmetry to your face.
  • You are open to bringing awareness to how emotions, posture, and daily living can age your face.
  • You are tired of the expense of injecting things into your face.
  • You are looking for guidance and accountability on how to do face exercises correctly.
  • You want to learn lifestyle hacks that reduce years off your face.

You have the power to age gracefully, feel confident in your skin, and look younger naturally,
without injections, fillers or surgery.

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Isn’t time to have a fresh look? Want the spark of life to shine through your face?

Relax + Rejuvenate using breath, acupressure and face exercises. This 4-week beginner’s course will cover the overall basics as well as building up to a face yoga sequence to sculpt and tone the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw, and neck.

The price of the classes is $108 for 4 classes.

Sign up by the end of the month and receive a BONUS 30-minute private call with me to customize your Face Yoga routine!

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