Chinese Herbs

San Diego Chinese HerbsMany cultures understand and use plants to alleviate conditions such as indigestion, coughs, headaches, cuts, skin irritations, and more.  Although scientists cannot explain how these herbs work, it does not mean that they do not work.  In fact, history and culture have shown that some remedies do work and should not be ignored.  The field of Chinese herbal medicine is expansive and includes over 13,000 ingredients.  Most recipes include a combination of herbs which are mixed in a specific sequence and with specific quantities.

It is common for acupuncturists such as myself to use Chinese herbs in conjunction with the acupuncture sessions. Before I recommend any herbs to facilitate your healing, it is important for you to tell me about all other medications and supplements which you are taking.  This precaution is necessary so that the medicines do not interact with one another and that they do not negate each other’s efficacy.  There are thousands of Chinese herbs, only about 300 ingredients are commonly used in the United States.  I will prescribe herbs that are suitable to your condition.  Please contact me for more details