San Diego Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a blend of face exercises to show you that you have the power to age gracefully, feel confident in your skin, and look younger naturally, without injections, fillers or surgery.

What exactly is Face Yoga? Face Yoga is simply keeping your face in shape with exercises and stretching that target the muscles of your face. It’s how you would exercise to tone and sculpt your body. Face Yoga prevents the effects of gravity on the face and can also reverse years of making the same expressions.

How is this Yoga? A combination of breathing and checking in with the poses can and will bring more awareness to your face, body, mind, and spirit.

Aging can be fun, natural, and empowering!

Face Yoga is perfect for you if:

You are looking for fun, simple ways to sculpt and bring symmetry to your face.

You are open to bringing awareness to how emotions, posture, and daily living can age your face.

You are tired of the expense of injecting things into your face.

You are looking for guidance and accountability on how to do face exercises correctly.

You want to learn lifestyle hacks that reduce years off your face.

What you can notice with Face Yoga: Smoother skin, more even complexion, less puffiness, fewer breakouts, improved facial symmetry. Results do vary from person to person.

Eva is Face Yoga Method certified and teaches it with a twist of Chinese Medicine. Face Yoga is also a great way to celebrate an event such as a birthday, bachelorette or bridal party, baby shower or getting together with friends! Book her for a free 15-minute consultation. Eva is available for global Skype online sessions, groups or individual sessions.