Stress lowers your body’s natural resilience and resistance to the outside world — meaning, your immune system starts to become compromised. So how do you boost your immune system?

You can strengthen your immunity thru nutrition, relaxing the mind, sunlight, and exercise.

Therefore, give yourself permission to relax… to encourage your body into a rest and digest state from a fight or flight state of being.

Sure, there is a difference between healthy stress(ors) that help you in life as opposed to having chronic and frequent stress(ors).

You may have experienced examples of healthy stress like this: having the motivation towards that goal of yours, or exercising in moderation, or planning a wedding.

Or maybe you’ve had or have chronic and frequent stress that has lead your body down this road – emotional irritability, anxiety, panic, digestive issues such as bloat and gas, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, skin issues, and sleepless nights.

With the onset of COVID-19, it can be easy to let it affect you negatively. But, choosing your outcome is yours for the making.

How you choose to feel can have an effect on how you function during this time of uncertainty.

If you are seeking a way to stay healthy and centered, there are ways to support your immune system and help you stay calm.

First things first…

Keep in mind, your posture has an affect on how you digest and breathe.

If you can open up your chest and diaphragm with slight adjustments of acknowledgement and awareness of how you hold yourself, you stop compressing your internal organs. Have you tried belly breathing? Check it out here.

You will begin to create space for more circulation within your body and increase it’s functionality.

Here is a video that was requested to support the gut, liver, and lungs. Try it out for 21 days. I hope it helps you during this time.