We just finished an awesome call with Lisa Grant, OMD founder of Fertility Reset Online. We talked about Chinese Medicine and Fertility, egg health, ART/IVF, castor oil packs, v steaming and her Fertility Reset Online program. Make sure to check out Lisa’s offerings too this week. She’ll be going more in depth about male infertility, ART/IVF, mental health for fertility.

I think the best part was this fertility pyramid. Everything that you do leads to fertility health. Make sure you take a listen on IG Live before the replay goes down.

Fertility Pyramid

Lisa Grant OMD, Acupuncture Las Vegas

Today’s (4/21) talk will be about home care with V Steaming and Facial Reflexology.

These are two new treatments that I have learned over the past year for personal reasons. One of which is to help my own reproductive health – regulating my mood, my hormone balance, and my cycle.

I’ve found that V steaming and Facial Reflexology are extremely easy to do at home when I haven’t been able to keep up with regular visits to my own acupuncturist and osteopathic doctor. And it’s also a chance for me to chill out.

V steaming – is short for Vaginal Steaming.

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking… Steaming for your pelvic region. Some of you might have a lot of questions that I used to have when I first started learning about it. How does it work? Will it burn me? When do I do it? What is it good for? And is it just for women?

I’ll answer the last question – it’s NOT just for women. It’s for anyone with a pelvic region. Steaming is especially helpful with aiding in prostatitis and ED. You can find out the rest of the answers in the IG Live with me on Tuesday.

Facial Reflexology is about stimulating areas on your face with your hands or a tool. So come to the Live call on Tuesday. We’ll be going over a little facial reflexology routine for improving your reproductive function for both men and women.

If you have questions, you can ask me directly in the live or send me questions and I’ll address them in IG Live @ 3 pm Paris Time/ 9 am Eastern Time today.

See you soon,